Malana Elephant Hash


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The landrace strains developed in Malana and the adjacent valleys are renowned for having above-average resin glands and naturally high THC concentrations. Instead of pressing their hash using dried or cured material, the growers of this product start with fresh or live plants, which yields a more aromatic and flavorful smoke in the end. We had no trouble deciding on this hash because of its gummy texture and sweet, spicy, and woody flavor. To unwind, simply sprinkle some into a bowl, roll it into a joint, or enjoy it the old-fashioned way with a hookah.

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    A legendary AAAA import hash, Malana Elephant comes from one of the hash industry’s birthplaces, the Indian subcontinent. Almost all cannabis products originate from this one little, tiny location, which is located near the old Indian settlement of Malana. The raw material that is used is what makes Malana Elephant hash so unique.


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