Healing Tree Hash


Traditionally, charas were smoked with chillum pipes, though these days are often dabbed or smoked with joints or bongs. If you’re looking into different ways of experiencing cannabis, using Charas Temple Hash is one way of partaking in the preservation of a magical relationship and intimate cultural practice that humans have had with cannabis for centuries!

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    What is Hash from the Healing Tree? Temple balls, also known as charas, are made by hand rolling resin or hashish. Charas and pure hashish are slightly different from one another since charas is made with live flowers, whilst hashish is usually made with dead or dried flowers. Since humanity first used cannabis thousands of years ago, these lovely and fragrant charas hash balls have been regarded as the original shape and process of extracting concentrates. The fresh cannabis blooms are manually rubbed in this age-old practice. In this procedure, the warmth of friction when rubbing activates the flowers’ secret oils and THC as components, and live resin accumulates and builds up in the palm of one’s hands. After that, the plant matter is taken out, leaving


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