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    Trippy Bombs Milk Chocolate Bar Infused with Psilocybin 6000mg Psilocybin made with premium ingredients, Trippy Bombs aims to bring you the best and purest psychedelic experiences. Completely natural, used widely in many cultures for centuries as medicine or to help meditate and salf reflect. Start with  a small dose and gradually increase as needed. Effects take 30 min to 1hr to activate. Stay in a safe and comfortable environment, use responsibly and enjoy your trip bar. Ingredients ! Premium milk chocolate, Psiloybin extract.

    Trippy Flip Mushroom Chocolate Flavors

    To begin with at we strive to provide our customers with the best mushroom chocolate flavors available in the psilocybin markets .The Trippy Flip Mushroom Chocolate Bar has a variety of different flavors we offer, they include ;

    Trippy flip crunch chocolate bar
    Trippy flip milk chocolate bar
    Trippy flip cookies and cream chocolate bar and
    Trippy flip dark milk chocolate bar
    Trippy flip Almond & Chocolate


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