Purple mystic


Whether the effects actually differ from one cube strain to the next is debatable. Certainly some people claim that they do, but it seems unlikely. Certainly, psilocybin trips can vary for so many reasons other than the strain (dosage, the user’s sensitivity, mindset, and setting), that any distinctive quality each strain might have is likely overwhelmed. In any case, no one seems to be claiming any specific characteristics for a Purple Mystic trip.

It alters, or at least exaggerates, you mood, changes your thinking at least temporarily, and, at higher doses, causes hallucinations, just like all other cubes. What shape all this alteration takes depends largely on you.

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    Cap: Medium-size, bell-shaped when young, becoming nearly flat with age. Reddish to golden brown, often with a purple tinge. Very young specimens have a partial veil that soon ruptures. Veil remnants on the cap edge are lost not long after. Interior flesh is white but bruises bluish-green.
    Gills: Attached either broadly or narrowly. Grayish-purple when young, becoming almost black as the spores mature.
    Stem: Thin, often long, yellowish but bruising bluish, hollow. The stem ring is purplish-brown from the spores that fall on it.
    Spores: Not quite elliptical.
    Spore Print: Dark, purplish brown.
    Habitat: The strain was found growing on cow dung, but will also eat horse dug and can be cultivated on a variety of substrates.


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