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    Pajaritos Truffles

    The Pajaritos truffles are good truffles for the average user. Because they are of average to light strength. These truffles enhance your creativity and will provide you with some great laugh kicks. Let’s say this in an easy way, the Pajaritos truffles are incredibly cheerful and philosophical.

    Effects of Pajaritos Truffles

    The Pajaritos Truffles are a little less strong in visual terms but oh my god what can you laugh with these truffles. They make you very happy. The average strength will make you notice a change in mind and thoughts. You can hardly stop laughing and it makes you incredibly energetic. You feel elated. You will feel chills throughout your body that give you a nice and intense feeling. It also appeals to the creative part of your brain. Solve problems, new ideas about life and new insights will easily come to you after taking the Pajaritos truffles. You will get a nice philosophical trip as well after taking the Pajaritos truffles. The fine of these truffles is that it also makes you super social. A nice evening with friends. Also count on beautiful closed-eyes visuals and light hallucinations.


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