Osmosis Gum Drops

A convenience and delicious microdose. With soft texture and intense flavour these gum drops are a fun alternative to capsules. Perfect for enhancing activities such as nature outings, camping, concerts, festivals and dancing or movie night at home OR a safe replacement for party substances such as alcohol and/or ecstasy.

Suggested Use

Start with 1 gum drop on an empty stomach and wait 2 hours before consuming more unless experienced with the product. Increase dosage as desired. Taking higher doses regularly will result in a tolerance therefore this product is not recommended for routine microdosing or use more frequent than once weekly.


We advise caution if combining psilocybe (magic mushrooms) with any other substances. It is recommended to use this product in place of alcohol instead of in conjunction with. Cannabis may increase the strength of this product, dose with caution.

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    Psilocybe Cubensis
    citric acid
    corn syrup
    natural flavors


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