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A distant echo of the past or a mushroom that started it all — Mexicana, also known as Psilocybe mexicana. The use of this mushroom dates back to over 2000 years to the times of the Aztecs and Mayans. Euphoria and colorful hallucinations are not the only things Mexicana can give you.

Here is what makes Mexicana so special:

  • Long history of use, it is a magic mushroom that kick-started psilocybin consumption in the West;
  • Intense multileveled spiritual trip with beautiful hallucinations and low impact on the body;
  • Distinct appearance and exclusive effects.

There is a lot of confusion between Mexicana, Liberty Caps and Teonanacatl. Mexicana does really look like Liberty Caps, but these are different species. Top-notch Mexicana that we sell derives from Psilocybe mexicana, while Liberty Caps are from Psilocybe semilanceata. Meanwhile Teonanacatl was also collected in Mexico and can be translated as “divine mushroom”, but also comes from other species — Psilocybe cubensis.

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    What to Expect from Mexicana Magic Mushrooms

    Mexicana’s second name — “god’s flesh” is definitely not connected with the appearance, but with their magical effects. You can expect a completely multifaceted psychedelic experience that can’t be compared with any other strain. Here is a breakdown of the effects, depending on the Mexicana dose:


    • Improved focus;
    • Less fatigue and anxiety;
    • Productivity boost;
    • Better control and understanding of emotions;
    • Feeling up to conversations and extremely social.

    Minimal recreational dose:

    • Minor alterations in the perception of the surroundings (visual changes include vibrating and moving contours of objects, sparkling, increased light sensitivity);
    • Notably improved creativity;
    • Light euphoria.

    Full recreational dose:

    • More prominent perception alteration;
    • Therapeutic effect (if intended) on mental health;
    • Possibly a strictly individual spiritual experience;
    • Increased euphoria;
    • Deep introspection.


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