Lizard King


Lizard Kings are known to be average to above average in potency. The experience is very spiritual and not much of a body high. This may be good for those looking to spend time outdoors.

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    Lizard King Mushrooms are a highly sought-after variety in Canada and elsewhere. This strain was named based on the man who discovered it and other Mexican-based specimens. Compared to other cubes, Lizard King is said to possess medium- to high potency. It’s unclear whether the strain has been examined for average psilocybin content, but the effects produce incredible visuals and are suitable for both beginners and psychonauts.

    About Lizard King Dried Mushroom


    Users must first determine the amount of shrooms they want to take based on the experience they desire to achieve. Those who are looking for intense visuals should use higher dosages. Meanwhile, beginners should start with low doses and slowly increase them.


    The shroom has thick, beige caps and white stems that are easy to spot. The fruits are of average size and have thick caps that give the mushroom a plump, full appearance.


    This strain can be used to achieve spiritual or recreational trips or increase mood and focus with microdosing. The psilocybin component of mushrooms is why the person who consumes them gets psychedelic trips with mild to intense visuals. In addition, they are also responsible for alleviating symptoms of depression and migrainePTSDanxiety, and OCD. This strain can also enhance creativity, increase social awareness, and improve concentration when they are taken in microdoses on a scheduled basis.


    The effects of Lizard King mushrooms can be felt anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours after ingestion. Everyone’s response to psilocybin depends on various variables, including environment, diet, metabolism, weight, and dosage. Therefore, only expect to experience some of the effects mentioned here or do not compare your experience to others.

    As for the Lizard King’s effects, users reported being able to connect with their inner selves, friends, and animals. Although this strain has a reputation for improving spirituality, it does not (usually) stimulate the body intensely. Users might anticipate spiritual awakenings, profound states of reflection, strong sentiments, and mild to intense hallucinations. Some psychonauts claim that using the Lizard King strain allowed them to engage in advantageous perspective changes that shifted their outlook on life.


    The founder of this strain observed this Psilocybe cubensis growing in a mixture of horse dung and decaying wood. This strain gained the spotlight in Canada and the United States by the 1960s due to Jim Morrison, the lead vocalist of the famed rock band The Doors. He chose the lizard as his spirit animal because of his passion for the desert and reptiles, earning him the moniker “The Lizard King.”  Also, Jim frequently used Lizard King psilocybin mushrooms to stimulate a trance state. It heightened his vision while dancing endlessly to assist his shamanic alter ego in replicating the “Ghost Dance,” a Native American ceremony.


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