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Leucistic Burma Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Leucistic Burma) is a new and upcoming shrooms strain made popular in recent years. Leucistic means the loss of colour pigmentation; meaning this Burmese strain has lost its golden colors and appears to be like an albino strain. Unlike true albino strains, the Leucistic Burmese still has brown spores. As the name describes, this strain originates from the country of Burma, now called Myanmar.

This mushroom strain has been very popular amongst the online mycology community as its proven to be a prolific fruiter which yields greats results for growers. The spores originate from an online mycologist who goes by the name BAS. The origin story of the Burma strain dates back to the 90s when John W. Allen, a famous Ethno-mycologist who received the spores from one of his students. We think it’s pretty amazing that the online mycology community continues to honor the original strain yet works to improve or develop new exciting strains such as the Leucistic Burma.

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    A newer and emerging cubensis variety that has gained popularity is the Leucistic Burma magic mushroom. This Psilocybe cubensis strain has gained popularity in the online mycology community due to its demonstrated ability to bear much fruit and produce excellent results for cultivators. However, it’s not only the physical characteristics and growth rate that makes this strain impressive.

    About Leucistic Burma Dried Mushrooms


    Burma cubensis grows in sizes ranging from very small to relatively large and is highly potent. Brown tints with brighter tones at the rim and darker tones at the top characterize the caps of this strain.

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    It is one of the most potent strains of the Burmese variety. However, it’s not as powerful as the Penis Envy strain. You can still enjoy a delightful recreational experience shared with friends and family. Furthermore, they also enhance creativity, focus and concentration, and mood in microdoses.

    Psilocybin, the hallucinogenic substance that naturally occurs in magic mushrooms, is part of numerous studies, like treatment-resistance depressionmigraine, and other mental and behavioural disorders. So, you can take them for fun, spiritual, or healing experience.


    Like all magic mushrooms, dosage, user experience, weight, and metabolism often influence the effects. Therefore, beginners should always take care of the amount they ingest.  As mentioned earlier, these strains are potent but not as strong as Penis Envy. The Leucistic Burma strain has mixed effects, but you may anticipate the typical results of Psilocybe cubensis, like transcendence and a sense of oneness with the universe. More specifically, you will get an ecstatic rush 10 to 30 minutes after ingesting the Leucistic Burma mushroom. However, remember that the onset and the coming down depend on the amount of psilocybin you use and other factors.


    Beginners can start with a dose of 0.5 to 1.5 grams, They may experience mild visuals and giddiness. Increasing the amount to 2 to 3.5 grams can give the classic psychedelic trip. The visuals are a little more intense, and the user begins to experience a profound appreciation of music, art, nature, etc.


    Leucistic refers to the loss of colour pigmentation; hence this Burmese strain seems like an albino strain because it has lost its golden colours. The Leucistic Burmese has brown spores, unlike actual albino strains. It originated from the country of Burma, currently called Myanmar. The Burma strain was first discovered in the 1990s by renowned ethnomycologist John W. Allen, who got the spores from one of his students. It is said that the Thai student collected a sample from buffalo dung close to Rangoon.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Is it safe to order online?

    You can try reputable shops like Zoomies Canada. Our products are of the highest quality and packed in discrete odourless vacuum-sealed packages. We ensure they are sourced from reputable farmers and brands. You can check our online shop for details and read what others say about our products.

    What happens when you microdose with shrooms?

    Depending on the individual, microdosing can have a variety of results. While some users claim to feel more upbeat, others claim to feel calmer. Some claim to feel less anxious or depressed, while others claim to have clearer thoughts. Every person’s experience with psychedelics is unique, so it’s better to start with a modest dose and gradually raise it if necessary.

    Despite the limited scientific research, personal accounts from individuals worldwide suggest that taking small doses can aid in the overall rebalancing of the physical and emotional body, essentially allowing you to become more aware of and capable of meeting your own needs.

    Consuming psychedelic cubensis at sub-perceptual doses has no adverse effects on your ability to go about your daily activities and fulfil your obligations. The goal is to apply the practice and its results to everyday life. Most people who take microdoses claim they can do their daily duties with greater focus, energy, creativity, and mood.

    How to microdose with shrooms?

    Magic mushrooms can be consumed in numerous ways:

    • Directly eating the dried version
    • Making tea or adding them to beverages (especially in the morning)
    • Taking capsules

    There are ready-made microdosing products online. However, if you want to use the dried mushroom you have, you must ensure that you have measured them accurately. You only want to take the recommended microdose.

    Aside from these different ways to take microdose, you also need to consider the schedule you will follow for your intake. Remember, you should ingest psilocybin daily, even in small amounts. It can lead to substance tolerance, and you won’t be able to feel the effects or notice them.


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