King lizard


Lizard King is reputed to be medium- to high-potency, as compared to other cubes. However, it’s not clear whether the strain has actually been tested for average psilocybin content. In any case, all mushrooms are somewhat variable.

Most people think about psilocybin doses as having three to five levels. For example, there is the light dose a beginner is well-advised to take, a medium dose that might be more or less normal for an experienced user, plus a high dose that offers a bit more challenge. And then there is the microdose, that does not cause hallucinations and is often used medicinally, and the heroic dose, which risks serious psychological harm but can also bring great rewards for those who are ready for it. How big each of these doses actually is depends on the potency of the mushroom and several other factors. It’s possible to take a heroic dose of something with very low potency (you just have to eat a lot of mushrooms to get there). Likewise, it’s possible to take a microdose of something extremely potent).

The problem with listing dose sizes for any given strain (something many writers will do) is that not only do mushrooms vary, but so do humans. Your size, metabolism, biochemistry, and how recently you’ve tripped all influence how you will respond to a certain number of grams of mushroom.

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    Lizard King is a typical cube in shape, but has very pale stems. The caps are usually beige. Although the mushrooms themselves are average in size, the shape of the caps can make them look more substantial.

    Trip Effects
    Trip effects are, in general, the same as for any other cube—alterations in mood, thinking style, and, especially at higher doses, perception. Plus there are usually physical changes, such as poor coordination and nausea. Lizard King is reputed to have less “body load,” meaning less physical effects, than most P. cubensis varieties.

    It’s worth noting that trip experiences with mushrooms of any strain can vary a lot, since what the user brings to the trip matters a lot. The ideal, for most people, is probably euphoria and a feeling of connectedness, plus deep, personal insight and lots of interesting visuals. And yeah, that can happen. So can a giant panic attack. And while more severe side-effects are rare, they can happen.

    Users can increase their chance of having a good time by paying careful attention to creating the right mindset and setting for the trip (psilocybin is sometimes said to enhance whatever mood the user already has, so having a mood worth enhancing is important), and by making sure not to take too much. It’s also important to take time after the trip for re-entry and integration—those amazing insights won’t do you any good if you don’t take the time to understand them and learn from them.


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