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Ecuador Psilocybe Cubensis is a strain of magic mushrooms naturally found in the mountainous Highlands of Ecuador. The Shamans of the Andean regions preferred this strain for their rituals and compared its ability to enter and exit states with a strong tide in a harbour on the coast. Ecuador Strain magic mushroom’s reputation for fostering a psilocybin experience has been considered magical, by some users.

About Ecuador Psilocybe Cubensis

Due to their spiritual effects and physical high that most other magic mushrooms produce, Ecuador cubensis is a favourite among psychonauts. This strains always has a way with users, bringing unmatched adventures of self-discovery, fascinating perspectives on life, and mind-bending sensations.

We understand why the Ecuador strain is still employed in shamanic rituals today throughout Ecuador and its neighbouring nations and why it is grown and consumed globally. Psilocybe cubensis Ecuador’s effects produces a deep, mystical, serenely reflective feeling of oneness and connection to the environment.

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    The Psilocybe cubensis Ecuador is one of the most popular species. Place of origin is the Ecuadorian Andean region, situated at 1000 metres altitude. This strain is considered to be one of the most powerful and largest of all cubensis varieties. The Ecuador usually produces large mushrooms with a long and sturdy stem.


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